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anyolite's Journal

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I use my LJ space when there's something I want to share with others -
my thoughts, artwork or photography. In other words, it's a creative outlet.

Entries are posted in both English and Russian, depending on which language
suits the subject best.

Here you won't see accounts of the daily routine, such as "This morning I had
half a grapefruit for breakfast, followed by an omelette and a cup of hot chocolate"

(despite my affection for all of the above).

Occasionally (and necessarily on the 11th), expect a quote from books by Douglas Adams.

I typically friendlist real-life friends/acquaintances, or people whose entries are consistently
of interest to me, provided they treat others with respect, and their journals do not
contain anything that in my opinion is ethically or morally questionable.

I rarely friendlist someone just because they have friendlisted me (although I will check
out their journal from time to time), and I don't expect to be friendlisted in return for same.